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Tips When Buying Your First Home

  • Undertake a thorough inspection of the new property 
  • Be prepared to compromise
  • If at all possible – “Cash is King”
  • Do thorough research on property prices in the area.
  • Don’t make “stupid” offers
  • Consider security issues       
  • Know why the seller is selling
  • Consider the area from a future selling perspective
  • Ask about planned development in the area
  • Ask how long the property has been on the market
  • If there are things to be done, negotiate to reduce the price and do it yourself
  • Unless there are good reasons not to, make the expiry period as short as possible.
  • Get a bond pre- approval if applicable
  • Provide your FICA documents to the agent on request.
  • If the property is tenanted ask for a copy of the lease
  • If the sale of your property is “subject to the successful conclusion” of the sale of the buyer’s property, make sure you know about the terms of that sale and what it realistically should achieve.
  • Don’t try to meet the seller in an effort to close the sale
  • If you can’t raise a minimum (10%) deposit you will in all likelihood not get a seller to accept your offer
  • Don’t try to get your attorney to effect transfer – the risk of the sale is that of the seller
  • If you are a first- time buyer, ensure you deal with an experienced agent       

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