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5 Vital Home Tasks You Should Not Try to Do Yourself

Besides saving you a few bucks, successfully tackling home tasks on your own gives you a sense of accomplishment. In a way, handling simple tasks with no hurdles tends to make you think that you can take on home tasks that are more complex. For example, if you’d like to add extra storage in your kitchen, it’s natural to think that you can put together by yourself a few ready-to-assemble cabinets However, not all home tasks are DIY. There are tasks that are outright dangerous, and attempting to do them can only pose a threat to you and your household. In addition, some tasks go beyond just following a manual and owning some tools. They require specific expertise to have that touch of a professional. Besides, just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. Sometimes, even deep-cleaning your house is better done through professional help. Your house can be just too big, or you simply don’t have the time. In these cases, you can hire reputable experts, such as Optimal, to get it done for you.

 On the other hand, here are 5 home tasks that it’s not optional, and you should never try:

  1. Electrical works

There are some electrical works that don’t necessarily need an electrician. For instance, you can easily change a light bulb or install dimmers or even complete grow systems for indoor gardening, replace sockets, and the like. But, you must remember to switch off the electricity first to avoid accidents.

 When it comes to complex tasks such as fitting new outlets, wiring, and other structural installations, however, you shouldn’t gamble with your electrical skills.

 If you are having some home additions projects, don’t for one second think you can hack electrical installations to save on costs. You might end up being electrocuted or cause irreversible fire damage if you wrongly tamper with electricity. On the other hand, there are definitely cases you might not be aware that you don’t need an electrician, however, never be too quick to assume that you don’t. Consult your electrician and seek professional guidance.

  1. Removing walls

 Knocking down walls to make living spaces spacious and airy is a trending thing in interior decor, and most homeowners are considering this possibility. However, if you are not a professional, you should steer clear of this task.

 For starters, you can’t tell how much weight a single wall is bearing, especially in a multi-story building. One wrong move and you mess up with the weight balancing of the house. You might not see major damage immediately, but the house might come crumbling down in the future.

 While you may have good intentions to do so, never attempt to bring down a wall without consulting a professional. Let a building engineer help you add the required support to the wall and help you do it safely.

  1. Gas repairs

 Gas explosions are among the number one causes of home fires. Moreover, while the damage of the fire can be controlled, the people involved are always left nursing severe burn wounds while others lose their lives immediately or eventually.

 You might think that all you need is to turn off the gas and then get working. Of course, that is the number one precautionary measure that even professionals take. However, a single mistake in the installation can lead to a leak which can be very dangerous.

  1. Exterior painting

Painting is mostly classified as a DIY home task. In fact, if you want to instantly transform your interiors without breaking the bank, you only need a brush and paint to spruce up the walls.

When it comes to painting the exterior, however, that is a different story altogether. If your house is too high, requiring a ladder of more than 6 feet, the task is no longer a DIY. Besides, if you want the painting to feel professionally done, it is good to leave even interior painting to an expert painter.

  1. Cutting trees

 It is safe to say that you don’t want to take up even the slightest chance of falling down a large tree. It is a complex task that is better handled by experts. If the branches have grown too high and wide, you have to carefully navigate them to avoid damaging telephone lines or falling on the roof of your property.

Remember also that the chainsaw has a sharp blade that is engine powered. One wrong move and you are left with nursing severe cuts or even limb amputation.

While you can handle cutting small trees in your backyard, forget the chainsaw thrill when it comes to large trees, 20 feet tall.


Calling a professional is sometimes time and money consuming, not forgetting the need to supervise the progress of the job. That is why most people opt to handle tasks themselves. However, you might end up paying more than you could have paid an expert if you cause damages while attempting to handle tasks yourself. Besides, even the simplest home tasks can pose a form of a threat if not handled with the right precautions. If you have no idea how to handle a particular task, it is wise to ask for guidance or leave it completely.

Credit: Private Property

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